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Kitty Owl Vintage at Markets 15, Jaya One! 28-29 Mar 2015

Hey all! It's been a while since we updated this blog. But good news is that we will be having a massive clearance sale at Jaya One this weekend!

Come visit us at our booth and grab our one-of-a-kind dresses, tops and skirts at a low low price of RM30 below. ALL MUST GO!

Don't miss your chance to catch us this weekend! Remember every single piece is unique and one-of-a-kind. So come early and get your fave picks before someone else gets it!

See you there! ;)

Rainbow Dots

Measurement: Length 89cm, pit-to-pit 45cm, waist 40cm, hips 47cm
Price: RM 37 (Sold!)

Red Dahlia

Measurement: Length 100cm, pit-to-pit 40cm, waist 36cm, hips 59cm (flare)
Price: RM35 (Sold!)

Fancy Fuschia (Available)

Measurement: Length 96cm, bust free size, waist 35cm, hips 49cm
Price: RM 24

Lilies of the Valley (Available)

Thick material, colour is a bit more green-ish in real life (unable to capture with my camera).

Measurement: Length 105cm, pit-to-pit 47cm, waist 39cm, flare hips
Price: RM 27

Orange Delight (Available)

Measurement: Length 95cm, pit-to-pit 45cm, waist 40cm, hips 51cm
Price: RM 28

Ethnic Vibe (Available)

Best Fit: UK 6 - UK 8
Price: RM 45 Now RM 35!

Pastel Perfection (Available)

A gorgeous dress in pastel pink with white embroidery. Dress comes fully lined with hidden back zipper.
Measurement: length 91cm, pit-to-pit 40cm, waist 37cm, hips 45cm
Price: RM 35


Measurement: Length 103cm, pit-to-pit 50cm, waist 40cm, flare hips
Price: RM30 (Sold!)

Rose Grey (Available)

A beautiful dress with a unique design (just look at the fabric, definitely not the type you commonly see). It comes with a back zipper, elastic waist and bottom lining.
Measurement: Length 100cm, waist 29-42cm (elastic), mini batwing sleeve, flare hips
Price: RM35

Lime Bloomer (Available)

Measurement: Length 83cm, pit-to-pit 42cm, waist 40cm, hips 47cm
Price: RM30

Walk the Line (Available)

Measurement: Length 102cm, pit-to-pit 44cm, waist 36cm, flare hips
Price: RM30

Big Blooms (Available)

A colourful cotton dress with elastic waist, flap sleeves, and button top. Can be worn two ways (buttons in front or at the back).
Measurements: Length 93cm, pit-to-pit 47cm, waist 27-41cm (elastic), flare hips
Price: RM35

Pixel Waves (Available)

Measurement: Length 105cm, pit-to-pit 45cm, waist 25-42cm (elastic), hips 51cm
Price: RM30

Flowery (Available)

Floral shift dress with full lining and back zipper.

Measurements: length 87cm, pit-to-pit 43cm, waist 40cm, hips 50cm
Price: RM30

Mod Mint (Available)

A fun mod dress in a beautiful colour with full body lining and back zipper.

Measurements: length 79cm, pit-to-pit 44cm, waist 41cm, hips 49cm
Price: RM 30

Cut-Out Candy (Available)

A fun and playful dress with sexy cut-out pattern at the back. Can also be worn with inner or cardigan for a more modest look.
Measurement: length 86cm, pit-to-pit 45cm, waist 36cm, hips 52cm
Price: RM 35

Checkered Pink (Available)

* True colour similar to picture below. There is minor defect (little hole) on inner lining which is not visible. 
Measurement: length 94cm, pit-to-pit 45cm, waist 33-42cm, hips 54cm (flare)
Price: RM 30

Tropic Sketch (Available)

Simple dress with elastic waist and bottom lining. 

Best Fit: UK 8 - UK 12 
Price: RM 30

Flower Garden (Available)

A gorgeous dress in bright colours to perk up your day! The flowers are so pretty... 
Best Fit: UK 8 - UK 12 
Price: RM 40 Now RM30!